When Walking On Water Just Isn’t Enough

Has God ever done something special for you? A new job maybe? Car? A special meeting with someone? Restoration of a relationship? A new relationship, maybe?

We all have had at least one “special something” that we just know wasn’t coincidence. It was one of those tangible reminders that God loves us.

What is our normal reaction?

Back in South Africa, where I’m from, there’s a phenomenon that happens fairly regularly in coastal communities. They call it: “the fish are running.” No, it doesn’t mean they get out of the water and line up for a 100 yard dash. It means that a large school of fish is swimming along the coast. But what it really means is the fishing is easy and good. You just drop your line and hook and pull the fish out. Repeat as fast and as long as you can. Sometimes it’s mackerel, sometimes snoek (barracuda).

After a run, everyone’s freezer is stocked for months.

Okay, the question was: when the Lord blesses us with something special, what’s our reaction? Isn’t it something like “the fish are running, let’s get in as much as we can?” Hey, God’s got His blessing wand out, let’s see how much we can hit Him up for. If he gave us a car, we wonder about a house. If He gave us a job, we wonder about a raise. If He healed our back, we push for our shoulder that’s been bothering us.

But… did that miracle or blessing draw us into a deeper walk with Him? Does it entice us to set aside something we had planned for one evening and just crawl up with Him, even if we don’t get any goose bumps and more blessings? To just put on some worship music and soak in His presence with no agenda beyond hanging out with Him?

Jesus actually had an opinion about this. We find it in John 6. After five thousand had received a miraculous meal, they chased him down for several miles.

Was He flattered that they would regard Him that highly? Not so much. They thought the fish were running and they had to put in for some more. Jesus saw that and He was disappointed, not impressed. Seems He doesn’t particularly care for being seen as a school of fish running.

Jesus’ response: do not labor for food that perishes. I am the bread of life, the food that endures to everlasting life. Believe in Me, pursue Me, not for what I give, but who I am.

After receiving a blessing, we can pursue either more blessings, or the Blesser.

How much of Him have you eaten lately?


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