I had a dream a while ago. In it, I saw the board of directors of the Ford Motor Company having a routine board meeting. When lunchtime arrived, sandwiches were brought in to allow them to continue with the meeting. Of course, these were nice sandwiches, Ford being a Fortune 500 corporation and all.

It was a pretty innocuous, if unusual, dream. I asked the Lord what it meant. “What is Ford all about?” He asked me right back.

“Well, cars and trucks,” I replied.

“Are you sure?”

Was that a trick question? “Of course I’m sure,” I ventured.

“Those were awfully nice sandwiches, weren’t they?” He asked. “Are you sure Ford is not all about sandwiches?”

What kind of question was that? “I’m pretty positive the Ford Motor Company is not about sandwiches,” I replied, this time with conviction. “Why are You asking me these questions?”

After a few days I heard the answer, but not in a direct conversation. It was more of an awareness that dawned on me as I meditated over this somewhat unusual exchange.

What is the kingdom of God about? Is it about people/souls, or is it about money, possessions, houses, jobs… and parking spots? Just as, in the picture above, the board members received sandwiches to keep going, we receive things we need to keep going (like money, houses, parking spots, etc.). But, just as Ford is about things bigger and more important than those sandwiches, God and His kingdom are about things bigger and more important than the stuff we need to keep going.

There is nothing wrong about having to keep going, needing jobs, food, a house, and all the other things we need to live on earth. There is also nothing wrong if those are nice (or not so nice). There is nothing wrong about being responsible and diligent about those things.

But those are not the higher things. They are merely the sandwiches.

What do we pray about the most? Sandwiches or the kingdom of God?What dominates our day timers and smart phones?

The board of directors of Ford are not elected to their positions of honor to receive sandwiches. They are there for bigger things. They leave every board meeting remembering not the sandwiches (even though they enjoyed them) but the decisions they made about the corporation they serve. Likewise, there is nothing wrong with us being sandwich minded, but that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here to serve in the kingdom of God. Salvation is a free gift, and that’s behind us. Now we’re in the kingdom of God and, if we wish, there are positions for all of us to fill so we can become co-laborers. It can be helping out with children’s ministry at church, it can be street evangelism, it can be making sandwiches (literally) for those who are going without. The list truly is endless. What all of these positions have in common is they involve serving other people in one way or another. They all are part of… the greater thing.

The kingdom of God is about people. It is about their (and our) salvation first, and then about their (and our) attaining to maturity and intimacy with our loving Father. The “sandwiches” are not unimportant, just much less important.

Bon appetit!  🙂


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