Finding You

I’m fascinated by the early history of Israel. Here was a most imperfect bunch, and yet God selected them to be His people. We looked at Leah a few days ago, and saw how the Father gave her a place of supreme honor.

The Lord did this more than once. When the nation came to Samuel to demand a king, the Lord did a peculiar thing. When Jacob died, Judah was appointed as the royal tribe. He wasn’t the oldest son, he was the fourth. But the three older sons disqualified themselves from their position of privilege, and so the mantle of tribal leadership fell to Judah. When the nation left Egypt, Nahshon was their leader, followed by Salmon and then Boaz. Boaz, as we know, married Ruth and fathered Obed, who in turn had Jesse as his oldest son. This was the royal line, from which any king was supposed to come. Supposed to.

We can speculate all we want as to why God bypassed Obed and Jesse, but He did, and Saul became king. Yet another imperfect person. In this case, though, the imperfection was overwhelming and God decided to find someone else. This time he tried again to find someone from the royal line. Someone also imperfect, but someone pursuing Him.

In those days, ordinary people didn’t have the access to places of worship like we have today. Even though they were supposed to show up at a tabernacle a few times a year, many never did. They didn’t have Bibles and they weren’t really allowed to pray to God without a priest, and so it’s hard to imagine a great deal of practical worship. And yet, there were always a few people who just pressed in, regardless. It’s almost as if they didn’t let the religious rules of the day hold them back. Two come to mind: Hannah, who had a pressing personal need, and David, who just took his guitar into the field and praised the Lord for no apparent reason at all. As the youngest, he got stuck with the lousiest job in the household. Rather than pout, he saw in it an opportunity to go get closer to God.

David was hidden from sight. When the famous prophet Samuel returned to the royal line for the next king, get this: EVEN THE MOST FAMOUS PROPHET OF GOD overlooked David! Can anyone be more inconspicuous and  hidden than that? But… God tracked him down. He always does.

Do you feel hidden? Do you feel overlooked? Even by your own family? When a famous prophet like Bob Hazlett or Mel Kunau comes to your church, do even they overlook you?

Yes? Then smile, you’re in good company: Gideon, Saul, David and, yes, even Jesus (can anything good come from… Nazareth??) all got overlooked by people, even “spiritual” people.

They’re wrong. They’re all wrong! Who’s wrong? Everyone who says it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Because what you know tops everything, and here is the “what” to know: God knows you, He knows your name and address. He knows the license plate numbers of all the cars you’ve ever had. He knows where you were last night. He knows your phone numbers (all of them). He also knows your email address, Facebook and Twitter IDs and even all your IP addresses—He knows them all by heart. He knows you so well He doesn’t even have to look them up on his Contact List.

And (best part) He loves you. Even though you are imperfect. And when He needs you, He WILL find you. He always does.

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