Why would Father care?

One of the foundational scriptures of my life is Psalm 91:14. In the King James Version it reads (God speaking):

“Because he has set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him.”

Father cares because I have set my love upon Him. That’s an easy thing to say, but actions speak louder than words. So, then, how true is it in my life? Have I really set my love upon my Father, or am I still a prodigal, thinking fondly of a distant Father who once might have loved me? How can I tell the difference?

Love comes in many flavors. I love peanut butter, travel, my friends, my wife and my Father. Each love is different, isn’t it? But each form of love involves a choice, a setting aside of something else. Because I love California, I don’t travel to Florida. Because I love my wife, I forgo other women. Every love therefore has a sacrifice of some sort that demonstrates it in action–actions speaking louder than words.

Loving my wife shows in many ways, and one of the biggest is respecting her preferences. That’s not hard to do, because if our preferences were too different, we never would have gotten together. But I got to know her preferences and my love shows in honoring those. If she likes to eat seafood, I make sure that when we go out to eat, it often is to a seafood restaurant. Loving my heavenly Father in action will likewise involve knowing His preferences and honoring those in my actions.

What are His preferences? I think we spend a lifetime learning those. Many are clear and upfront in His Word. He doesn’t like us stealing from or killing each other. Other preferences are a little more subtle, as if He wants us to dig to find them out. In many ways, that’s a fun and rewarding process, as we find out, little by little, what makes His heart tick.

Getting to know our heavenly Father is a process that takes time and consistency. And its only reward at times is nothing more than, well, getting to know Him. If we pursue Him for what we get from Him, that’s nothing better than a gold digger woman chasing a rich man for his money.

Will we pursue Him just for Him? God sees deep into our hearts. He knows. And His response is Psalm 91:14.


What do you think?

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